29 February 2020

6 Ways to Help Keep Your Cat Healthy

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Claire Smith, Vet

Cats can be mysterious beings, often aloof and with strong opinions. It’s a common misconception that cats are easier to look after than dogs; yes, they don’t need to be taken for a walk each day, but they do need close monitoring and it’d often make life simpler if we could take them for a walk to keep them fit! Although they often appear to have life sorted, they can become stressed very easily and this can hugely affect their health.

1.Feed them the correct amount of a balanced diet appropriate for their life stage and lifestyle. Our registered veterinary nurses offer veterinary nutrition clinics to help your cats get the nutrition they need. 

2. Make sure they get plenty of mental stimulation and have places to explore. If your cat is predominantly indoors, then ensure that they have areas to climb and enough space to run around. If you have multiple cats then ensure you space our resources such as water, food and litter trays wisely so as to reduce stress and lessen the risk of cats falling out with each other.

A cat at the vets using the steps in our cat only consulting room at our Sandwich branch.

3. Regular health checks with a vet can help detect any issues early and reduce the impact diseases have on your pet’s quality of life and maximise the time you have to enjoy together. Our Complete Care Club offers you unlimited appointments so you get any concerns addressed immediately. Our Sandwich practice has been designed with cats in mind and has dog-free zones and a cat-only consult room to help make a vet visit less stressful.

4. Maximising dental health care. It’s easy to overlook the impact that oral health has on overall wellbeing. Dental disease has been linked to kidney, liver, lung and heart disease, as well as diabetes and arthritis. Advances in human oral care over the last century have been key to our increased life expectancy; and the same is true of our pets. Cats do not like to show weakness and rarely show overt signs that they have dental pain so a dental check-up is well worth it. 

Cat in a consultation at Beacon View Vets near Deal

5. Make sure your cat gets all the preventative health care they need. Vaccinating against serious diseases and preventing potentially life-threatening parasite infections is key. Our Complete Care Club has been specifically designed to cover all of your cat’s preventative health care and with unlimited veterinary appointments; you’ll never pay to see the vet again!

6. Grooming your cat regularly is a great way to bond with them and will help to prevent matts from forming. We recommend checking your cat’s coat and skin for any sore areas, injuries or growths.

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