6 December 2020

Choosing a Cat Carrier

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Claire Smith, Vet

Being the only Gold standard ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic in Sandwich and Deal we want to offer lots of advice to help make your life and your cat’s veterinary experience as smooth as possible. With so many cat carriers to choose from, how do you know if you’re buying the best option?

Firstly, it’s important to mention that all cats and kittens should be contained in a carrier for travel. It helps them to feel safe and secure, not to mention it is also very dangerous to have a cat loose inside the car. They could cause an accident, escape through a window that’s opened accidentally and even if an accident did occur, your cat could escape and get lost. 

Not a safe method of cat transport!

A cat carrier should be strong, sturdy, well-ventilated and lightweight. It should also be easy to clean in case of any unfortunate toileting mishaps. Plastic or plastic-coated metal wire carriers are ideal. Cardboard carriers are available, however these are not strong enough to transport your cat safely and can easily get wet. Wicker baskets are also available and look appealing, however they do not come apart which can make it much more difficult to get your cat in and out of the basket in a stress-free manner.

Top loading cat carrier
Cat being transported to vets in Deal Kent

It is not recommended to tip or pour cats out of their carrier, as this can be quite distressing. Cat carriers that easily come apart are ideal so that when your cat comes to the vets, we can just remove the entire top half, leaving your cat in the bottom half where they feel safe. A lot of cats are eager to explore their surroundings when they arrive in our cat-only consulting room and will voluntarily walk out of their carrier, especially when we shake the treat jar!

Always place something absorbent in the bottom of your cat carrier in case of any accidents on the journey, and it is always worth taking a spare, familiar smelling blanket or bedding for such incidents.

One of the most important things to remember is to cover their basket so that they feel secure during transport. We have basket covers at the clinic but we know that cats are much happier when they have been covered from the start of their journey. Read more about cat friendly travel to the vets here.

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