4 December 2020

Christmas Fundraiser

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Claire Smith, Vet

We are very excited to announce our Christmas fundraiser. As you can imagine, due to coronavirus many small animal charities have greatly suffered with very little chance for fundraising. This year we have two ways in which you can help our local animal charities.

#1 is to buy one of our premium organic cotton tote bags for £5 with all proceeds going directly to charity. Purchase when you’re next visiting or online at https://beaconviewvets.co.uk/charity-bag/

#2 is to put together a gift box or bag of goodies for a cat or dog. Once assembled this can be delivered to Beacon View and we will then deliver them to the charities.

We can accept boxes right up until the 23rd December.

Ideas for a cat box:

  • Cat treats such as Dreamies
  • Cat nip toys
  • Sachets or tins of food
  • Snuggle blankets

Ideas for a dog box:

  • A ball or soft toy
  • Treats and chews
  • Tin of food

We are supporting two charities close to our hearts, the first being Cats Protection: Deal and District Branch. Nationally Cats Protection help over 500 cats a day and have helped over 1.5 million cats and kittens since 1927.

The second charity is Retired Greyhounds Canterbury who are a non profit organisation dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of greyhounds in need. We have many Greyhounds registered at Beacon View and know first hand that they make great pets! Sadly due to COVID there has been a sharp increase in the number of Greyhounds needing help this year.

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