8 July 2020

Freddie’s Toothache

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Claire Smith, Vet

Fantastic Freddie spent the day in our ISFM gold award winning cattery recently so that we could investigate a sore tooth. His owner has kindly let us show you the x-rays that show the roots of the affected tooth.
Freddie was suffering from a resorptive lesion on his tooth, known to be very sore, so once we had fully assessed the root structure we extracted the tooth. We are delighted to say that he is doing very well after surgery and his gum has fully healed!

Freddie the cat after his dental procedure

In one of the photos below you can see the difference between a health tooth and Freddie’s.

Pet dental x-ray

We know that dental x-rays are essential for assessing all dental disease and studies have shown that without x-ray up to 60% of painful issues are missed. All of our dentistry includes x-rays of the whole mouth as standard so you can rest assured that your pet is having the best dental care.

At Beacon View we operate a unique two stage approach to dentistry. One of the main benefits of a two stage approach is greater anaesthetic safety as two shorter procedures are far safer than one very long one. It is well researched that anaesthetics longer than two hours carry a much higher risk to our pets and increases recovery time. Extracting teeth as a separate stage reduces the bacterial challenge faced by your pet and reduces the risk of infections, as well as reducing the need for antibiotics.

You can read more about our approach to pet dentistry here and please send us a message if you have any questions about your pet’s teeth.

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