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Beacon View Vets is one of the few remaining independent veterinary practices in the Thanet and Dover area, but what is an independent vets?

There are two main operating models in the UK for veterinary practices, they are commonly known as independent and corporate. When choosing a veterinary practice for your animal’s care it’s useful to know the difference.

Historically in the UK the most common model for vets was the independent practice, like Beacon View Vets. Independent practices are owned and operated by an individual or small group of vets.

Corporate practices on the other hand are owned by a corporation and are one of many branches in a chain; regionally or nationally.

Independent vet walking dog in Deal, Kent

Why does this matter?

We believe practices should be run by owners that are visible in the business, delivering on their values and nurturing the ethos rather than an invisible corporate structure. By its nature corporate change erases the personal nature of veterinary practice, replacing owners that work within the practice with shareholders and investors.

Family-style independent practices, like Beacon View Vets tend to have a lower rate of staff turnover, meaning you are more likely to see the same friendly faces each time you visit and receive excellent continuity of care.

Veterinary team

We believe it is our responsibility to create a practice where we take care of our team through consistent communication and viewing them as the passionate, talented individuals they are, rather than a system to be used.

How many practices are corporate?

Increasingly, in the UK independent practices are becoming less common as corporates are buying up independent practices and competing against each other for market share. Corporatisation in the UK currently stands at around 65-70%.

Hopefully this has helped to explain the different types of vet practice models in the UK. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact us.

Cat enjoying a treat at independant vet practice, Beacon View Vets

Not all vets are created equal. Be part of a practice where your pet is treated as a member of the family, and you are considered a partner in your pet’s care.

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