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We are excited to announce our new partnership with Pet Proactive pet insurance which directly benefits Beacon View patients and their owners.

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As vets, we see pet insurance as a means for pet owners to budget for the unexpected, and if the worst happens, it enables us to carry out the most effective treatment.

However, pet insurance can be frustrating with many terms & conditions or exclusions, meaning claims are often not paid in full which can leave you with an unexpected bill. On top of this, our customers express concern when their insurance premiums increase excessively as their pet gets older, at the time when they are most likely to need insurance.

We have worked closely with Pet Proactive to create a new type of insurance that provides lifetime cover for treatment and referrals through our practice.

The policies are designed for customers who are happy to commit to using Beacon View Vets as their main veterinary practice. We believe this is a much simpler type of insurance which not only removes the worry of unexpected veterinary bills but will also save money for the majority of our customers over their pet’s lifetime.

How does Pet Proactive insurance work

Pet Proactive offer cover from £4,000 to £12,000 per year, and whichever policy you choose comes with the following valuable features:

Complete cover

Complete medical cover including dental illness*.


Any treatment or referral we prescribe is covered up to your policy limit. You are also covered for referrals and treatment at another practice if you are on holiday.

Clear and simple

A clear and simple policy which confirms any pre-existing conditions exclusions at the start.

Fair premiums

Premiums are based on the fair pricing at Beacon View Vets and Pet Proactive will never increase your premium just because you have made a claim.

One excess

Unlike most policies where you may need to pay an excess per condition per year, with a Pet Proactive policy you only pay one excess per year of £100 irrespective of how many conditions you are claiming for, up to your annual claim limit.

Direct claims

Beacon View will automatically process a direct claim for pets insured with Pet Proactive, so you don't need to worry about paying the balance to us if you’re insured with Pet Proactive.

*as long as your pet does not already have pre-existing dental problems

Pet Proactive can quickly provide prices for your whole pet family under 6 years old – you just enter the mobile number you have registered with us on their website and your prices are displayed. And if you already have pet insurance, Pet Proactive’s free “switch check service” will confirm any pre-existing health conditions that would affect your policy before you buy, so you can have complete certainty of cover for you and your pet.

To take out a policy with Pet Proactive you must be registered with and commit to your primary care with Beacon View Vets and your pet must be less than 6 years old (when taking out the policy – cover is then provided for life as long as you renewal annually).


Pet insurance in partnership with Beacon View Vets

Not all vets are created equal. Be part of a practice where your pet is treated as a member of the family, and you are considered a partner in your pet’s care.

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