13 March 2021

Jack’s Fishy Misfortune

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Claire Smith, Vet

Whilst we are all very fortunate to live near the sea, there are a few hazards to be aware of when walking our dogs.

Jack is a wonderfully playful spaniel, but unfortunately a recent walk at the beach with his dad resulted in an emergency surgery to save Jack’s life. Whilst exploring the beach Jack came across some delicious fishing bait… unluckily for Jack this also included several fishing hooks which he managed to swallow.

Veterinary surgery to remove fishing hooks

Fishing hooks and line are very hazardous as they cause gut perforations and entanglement.Luckily we are here 7 days a week so Claire and Kat successfully removed both hooks from Jacks stomach before they made him seriously ill. He has recovered incredibly well from his surgery and hasn’t stopped wagging his tail.

Let’s hope Jack now finds a new hobby to replace fishing!

Vet Claire with Jack after surgery

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