1 July 2020

Mischievous Mittens

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Claire Smith, Vet

Mischievous Mittens had a dramatic run in with a stick late one Sunday night. She managed to impale herself on a long thin stick that punctured her throat and went all the way down to her shoulder. The stick caused a huge amount of trauma and she was very sore.

An X-ray of Mittens neck

We anaesthetised her so that we would examine the injury and perform X-rays and ultrasound to check that none of the stick had broken off. She had to have her tonsil removed as it was so damaged but she had been lucky not to burst a major blood vessel in her neck.

Mittens with Claire the vet and Claire the nurse.

She was a wonderful inpatient who enjoyed all of our care but still required a lot of TLC once she was home. We were all so so happy to see her bouncy around for her recheck appointment and are delighted that she should make a full recovery.

A much happier Mittens

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