12 October 2020

New Veterinary Equipment

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Claire Smith, Vet

Today there was great excitement as our lovely delivery driver dropped off two new pieces of veterinary equipment. Being an independent practice we have full autonomy to reinvest into new equipment that we feel benefit our patients.

The first item is a digital automatic blood pressure monitor. These are relatively new in the veterinary sector and only one company manufactures them. This monitor provides a number of advantages for the patient which fit with our Fear Free values. It’s both fast and almost silent to avoid minimal disruption to the patient, it also means we don’t have to shave or apply gel.

Cat having blood pressure taken

Our second new piece of equipment is a video otoscope. You have probably seen analogue otoscopes before at your vets or doctors. They enable us to look into the ear in great detail. A video otoscope allows us to share this view with you. We can also record photos and videos to assess how infections in the ear are improving over time. We are the only veterinary practice in the Deal area to have this facility.

Video otoscope

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