Surgical and Diagnostic Referrals

Your Pet has Access to the Best Treatment

Our team includes consultants who are experts in their specialist fields of medicine and work with us onsite. If your pet has a condition that needs specialist treatment they can be referred of our consultants.

Our investment into state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic equipment means that in most cases we are able to treat pets from our base in Eastry.

Our orthopaedic consultants have been practicing in Kent since 2014 and hold a CertAVP certificate. Their ethos is to provide the best possible outcome and wellbeing for the patient by using the most effective methods and procedures.

Taking your cat to the Vet can be stressful for both you and your cat. That’s why at Beacon View we have taken every possible step to minimize stress. We have a cat only waiting area and dedicated consulting room, so there are no doggy smells to be worried about. Our team are Fear Free trained professionals, experts in cat friendly handling and care.

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The cat only consulting room at Beacon View Vets

Our Gold Award Winning Facilities include:

Reception and consulting rooms
  • Spacious off street parking for a stress-free transfer to the reception area
  • A warm welcome at reception in our cat only area, including pheromone diffusers and basket covers to help your cat feel secure
  • Our cat only consulting room features climbing shelves and a cat castle to help our feline guests express their natural behaviour
Cat ward

Feline visitors that need to stay for the day or overnight can enjoy:

  • Extra-large gold standard accommodation
  • Accommodation made from quiet and warm polycarbonate not steel
  • Cat castles for climbing on and snuggling under
  • Our cat ward is located in a quite area of the building
  • If you listen carefully you will hear classical music playing in the background which is show to reduce stress in cats
  • Feliway pheromone diffusers
  • Cat toys and entertainment
  • Garden views from the accommodation
Treatment and diagnostics
  • The latest digital x-ray and ultrasound machines
  • Specialist feline diagnostic equipment
  • In house laboratory and blood analysis machines
  • State of the art surgical suite including anesthetic monitoring equipment and patient temperature control
  • Dental suite including dental x-ray

Not all vets are created equal. Be part of a practice where your pet is treated as a member of the family, and you are considered a partner in your pet’s care.

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Caroline Ellen
25 Jun 2020

I can’t thank Claire enough.... after a long walk with Cookie the cocker spaniel he came home with a grass dart in his ear.... we rang the vets and too out surprise Claire picked up the phone .... we explained what had happened and she told us she had just got home, to give her half an hour and she would be back with us..... she examined Cookie and told us that he would have to be sedated to remove it.... pain killers were given and he’s due for the procedure today ...... Cookie is more than just a dog to me.... he’s helped me through loosing my dad and is more like a friend than a pet .... i just wanted to say Thank you soooo much for what you have done to make sure Cookie was comfortable and for turning out when you had only just got home .... I cannot recommend enough

Joanne Martin
02 Dec 2022

Another visit to the practice today with my old cat who is always terrified of vets but lovely vet Katie is so kind and patient with him. I would recommend the practice to anyone, the reception staff are very welcoming and friendly and the veterinary team are so caring and knowledgeable.

Betty Briant
01 May 2022

The care given by Beacon View vets is exemplary. Everything is explained in detail so you are well informed and can make good decisions about your pets health. Thank you team.

Chris Wetz
20 Jul 2022

I decided to move my 16½ yo Jack Russell Terrorist to Beacon View having become disillusioned with my vet at the time, whose receptionist asked me "What's the animal's name"! Harri on reception at Beacon View is incredibly friendly and helpful, the practice is well laid out (and thoughtfully so) and Sorrel was very empathetic to my wonderful pet, thorough, and so good with him (he hates vets!) I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, and would actively encourage pet owners to switch. A breath of fresh air - I'd forgotten what it was like to have a good vet.

Midnite Mark
06 Nov 2020

Just started using this practice as it's lovely and close to us. We have a new pup so it was the perfect time to try them out. Couldn't ask for friendlier or more welcoming people. I'm sure our little dog will be very well cared for here.

Rare opportunity for an RVN!