29 December 2019

Setting a new standard of cat friendly vet care in Deal and Sandwich

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Claire Smith, Vet

From the first moment of designing our premises, reducing the stress of vet visits was a top priority. Very few cats are comfortable with dogs, especially those that they do not know; and dogs can get stressed by the presence of cats. By approaching our premises from the viewpoint of our pets, we have been able to tweak the layout so that a vet visit can be as stress free as possible.

Our reception area allows physical and visual separation between dogs and cats; with specific calming pheromones diffusing to help them feel calm. We don’t really like to call it a waiting area as we aim to have your pet seen on time; however, you’re welcome to turn up with a few minutes to spare to enjoy a tea or coffee and have a chat with our lovely team. 

A cat friendly vet for Deal and Sandwich

One of our consultation rooms only allows cats to enter, reducing stress further and allowing them to claim it as their own. Our longer than average appointment times allow your cats to acclimatise the room and feel safe. Relaxed and confident cats are more likely to allow a full examination and show us where any problems may lie.

If your cat is staying with us for investigations, treatment or a procedure; then rest assured that they will be relaxing in one of our luxury cat apartments in the cattery. Being separate from the kennel area, the cats are able to rest and relax fully and therefore heal quicker. Cats can easily become stressed by the sight of other cats so we have designed the room so that there is no visual contact. If you own multiple cats, who are well bonded, then our apartments are spacious enough for cats to stay with their companion. We stock a range of delicious food for them to enjoy, as well as a range of cat litter to tailor to their individual preferences.

We appreciate that cats can become stressed as soon as you try to get them to the vets. Our team has undergone Fear Free™ training and are always happy to discuss stress reducing techniques with you in advance of your visit. If you have any questions, or just fancy a chat please contact us.

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