Pet Acupuncture & Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Clinics

Our Chronic Pain Clinics are run by our veterinary surgeon Cate who has taken additional training in managing painful conditions such as osteoarthritis. As part of our Chronic Pain Clinics we offer acupuncture therapy for your pet. This can be helpful when an animal doesn’t tolerate a pain relief medication, or for when medication alone is not enough to control their pain.

How does pet acupuncture work?

Veterinary acupuncture works by inhibiting pain messages sent within the central nervous system and by stimulating the production of endorphins, the body's natural pain killer. Acupuncture can also be used to stimulate wound healthing in areas around where the needles are placed.

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Is acupuncture an alternative to oral medication?

Many owners do not like the thought of their pet stay on medication long term, and acupuncture can sometimes offer an effective alternative method of treatment. However oral medication may be the best option for you pet and our vets will be able to advise you on this. Acupuncture is often used alongside oral medication to boost pain relief.

Who can perform acupuncture?

In the UK veterinary surgeons are the only group that are legally allowed to perform acupuncture. Cate holds a GPCert in Western Veterinary Acupuncture and Chronic Pain.

Are there any risks with acupuncture?

In a safe pair of hands acupuncture is very safe and problems can usually be avoided with care and a good knowledge of anatomy. There are a small number of conditions that might not be suitable for acupuncture and our vets can advise you on this.

How will my pet react?

Acupuncture is usually well tolerated by most animals and your pet may experience a sedative effect during or after the procedure.

How often will my pet need treating?

We recommend a minimum of 4 treatments before deciding whether or not acupuncture is of benefit to your pet. The first of these appointments will be a complete look at your pet’s condition as specific requirements. After the initial course the time between treatments will be advised depending on your pets condition and response to treatment.

Looking to refer a patient for acupuncture?

We are pleased to be able to accept referrals from other veterinary practices. If you would like to refer a patient to us for acupuncture please click the link below to complete our online form.

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