Digital Video Otoscopy

Digital video otoscopy is one of the most important applications of endoscopes in veterinary medicine. The easy access and superior visualisation provided by our specialised video endoscopy equipment means that it is possible to carry out thorough examinations and treatment that is not possible with traditional otoscopy systems.

What are the advantages of video otoscopy?

Our high definition endoscopic camera system provides a precise means of examination and assessment of the ear canal and tympanic membrane (ear drum). A deep clean of the ear can be achieved using curettes as well as flushing and suction through the otoscope channel.

Foreign objects (commonly grass seeds) can be easily identified and safely removed to minimise the risk of further damage. We can also remove or biopsy growths within the ear canal using a range of specialist attachments.

If your pet has ear issues and you wonder if video otoscopy can help, please contact our team to arrange an appointment. We accept referrals for pet video otoscopy in the Canterbury, Thanet and Dover areas.