Dog Friendly Accredited Vets

Beacon View is proud to have been accredited by the Dog Friendly Clinic Scheme, an initiative run by Dogs Trust and the British Veterinary Behaviour Association (BVBA), to ensure the most comfortable veterinary care experience possible for dogs and their owners. We felt the scheme sat perfectly along side our Fear Free approach to veterinary care.

Dog friendly vet for Deal and Sandwich

Many dogs find vet visits stressful, which can result in them being unwilling to enter clinics, being difficult to examine, and worried during treatment. The Dog Friendly Clinic scheme helps practice staff develop dog behaviour knowledge and skills so they can recognise and address early signs of anxiety and improve the welfare of dogs whilst in the clinic.

Through the scheme created by Dogs Trust and the BVBA, canine experts provide the tools for our team to learn more about dog behaviour, including how pain and health conditions can be contributing factors to behaviour, and how to reduce the impact of visiting the vet for dogs.

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The dogs love the sofas at Beacon View Vets

Our Dog Friendly Facilities include:

Reception and consulting rooms
  • Spacious off street parking for a stress-free transfer to the reception area
  • A warm welcome at reception in our cat only area, including pheromone diffusers and non-slip floors
  • Our team have undergone additional Fear Free® training to help reduce the stress of veterinary visits for you and your pets
  • Longer than average appointments (20 minutes) as standard
  • Climate control in kennels, consulting rooms and reception
  • If you listen carefully you will hear classical music playing in the background which is show to reduce stress in dpgs
Treatment and diagnostics
  • The latest digital x-ray and ultrasound machines
  • Specialist endoscopic equipment
  • In house laboratory and blood analysis machines
  • State of the art surgical suite including anaesthetic monitoring equipment and patient temperature control
  • Dental suite including dental x-ray
Inpatient at Beacon View Vets, near Sandwich and Deal

Not all vets are created equal. Be part of a practice where your pet is treated as a member of the family, and you are considered a partner in your pet’s care.

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Joy Comfort
07 Jul 2022

Decided to change vets as I was so concerned re an ongoing problem with a cat's dental problem. I was so grateful and relieved to experience enormous help from both receptionist and vet. A lovely atmosphere in the practice, light, and comfortable, even the cat settled down in no time.

Peter Futcher
08 Jan 2021

The most amazing care and service for our dog. Fabulous attention, care and understanding. Excellent booking system and follow up. We have the complete care package they offer and this is just brilliant; I can barely believe how much is included and it is so nice that the team get to know you - a real family feeling.

Joanne Martin
02 Dec 2022

Another visit to the practice today with my old cat who is always terrified of vets but lovely vet Katie is so kind and patient with him. I would recommend the practice to anyone, the reception staff are very welcoming and friendly and the veterinary team are so caring and knowledgeable.

Jane Baker
01 May 2020

I can not Thank Dr Claire Smith enough for the care she gave to me and my Dog he became very poorly over Easter this wonderful Lady went above and beyond to look after my baby Thank you from the bottom of my heart I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this wonderful Lady

Ag Ellie
01 Aug 2020

I continue to be incredibly impressed with Claire and her team. We joined the practice back in March and both our feline friends are members of the Beacon View Vet Pet Club. Claire has a magical touch - I don't know how she does it, but both cats turn into cooperative and humble creatures, when they're with her (not always the case at home). Everyone in the practice has been kind, warm and very responsive. Whenever I have a question or a problem, Claire is there to reassure me and offers immediate check ups, so I can put my mind at ease. Lily has been through hell, having recovered in the recent months from being hit by a car last year, so she's very special to us. Only last week we had a scare after I found a strange lump on her chest. Claire made a swift decision to remove it and check it out - luckily it wasn't malignant and we all sighed with relief. Lily is behaving as if she never had the surgery and the post-op wound is healing nicely. I could praise Claire and her team all day, but to summarise - I couldn't wish for better vet care for my two cats. Thank you, Beacon View Vets!

Rare opportunity for an RVN!