Veterinary Gastroscopy

Beacon View are now the proud owners of a specialist HD video gastroscope and can now offer gastroscopy to our own clients and local pets in the Canterbury and East Kent area.

A gastroscope is a slender and flexible tool with a high resolution camera that allows our team to gain a clear and comprehensive view of the inner workings of a pet's gastrointestinal tract.

The gastroscope can help detect and assess:

  • Gastric ulcers: Visualising the stomach lining for signs of ulcers allows for timely treatment and pain relief.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD): The gastroscope aids in evaluating the severity and extent of inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, guiding the management of this chronic condition.
  • Foreign bodies: Accidental ingestion of foreign objects is common in pets. The gastroscope can identify and locate these objects, allowing for targeted removal without the need for surgery.
  • Tumours and growths: Early detection of gastrointestinal tumours can significantly improve treatment outcomes.

How does a gastroscope work?

The gastroscope consists of a long, thin, and flexible tube equipped with a miniature camera at its tip. This camera, or endoscope, captures high-definition images and transmits them to a monitor in real-time. As the gastroscope is gently guided through the mouth and into the oesophagus, stomach, and even the upper part of the small intestine, it provides a detailed and dynamic visual of these vital organs.

Using a gastroscope is a non-invasive procedure that minimises stress and discomfort for our patients. Thanks to its flexible design, the gastroscope glides smoothly through the digestive tract, reducing the need for more invasive exploratory surgeries.

We are able to take referrals from other vets for Gastroscopy. Please contact us and we will help you with the referral process.