Our Fear Free™ Approach

What is Fear Free™?

At a time when Beacon View was just an idea, we were already dedicated to going above and beyond for our patients. We’ve been inspired by Dr. Marty Becker, the founder of Fear Free Pets. Dr. Marty aims to “prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in pets”, and we’ve put his ideas into practice.

As stress is a huge factor in recovery time and general pet wellbeing, we’ve consulted with animal behaviour experts to provide the most relaxing veterinary experience in East Kent, for you and your pet.

Our team have undertaken additional training in the Fear Free approach and our reception area is comfortable and welcoming. We have specialist pet specific flooring, calming pheromone scent, and a jar of yummy treats waiting at reception. Our human friends can have a hot drink, as we like to make sure that they are happy too!

Dog enjoying a treat from a friendly vet

What do we provide?

Cats can feel safe and secure in their waiting area with hideaway cubbyholes, and pheromone infused carrier covers. It’s also easy to find a quiet and comfy spot for nervous dogs, including our outside seating for extra space.

Our sunken weighing scales make it easy for dogs to walk onto them without being scared of stepping up onto a raised platform. For bigger dogs, we have an extra large consulting space complete with a sofa for them to get comfy on should they wish to.

Our appointment times are longer than average allowing us time to listen to your concerns, perform a detailed clinical exam and discuss the best treatment plan with you for your pet. We will never rush you, so you can ask as many questions as you need to.

Cat friendly veterinary practice


For patients that require hospitalisation it's even more important to keep stress levels low to maximise healing. We have separate wards for dogs and cats, with expertly designed kennels that have been chosen for their climate control and sound dampening. If you listen carefully you will hear classical music gently playing in the background, this has been shown to reduce stress in animals. Our aim is to provide the optimum recovery space for you pet, helping them to get back on their paws as quickly as possible.

Our facilities meet the requirements for the highest Gold Standard ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic. Our larger overnight kennels give cats even more space to stretch out and move around, or relax in the inbuilt snug. All pets will be cared for by our inhouse team from the moment they walk through the door to leaving fit and healthy again.

Fear Free veterinary practice near Deal and Sandwich

Does your pet suffer from stress?

If you are concerned about your pet’s stress when planning your visit then please contact us beforehand to discuss how this can be managed, both during the journey and whilst visiting us.

Beacon View Vets in Sandwich is Fear Free certified to provide stress free care to pets
Vet demonstraiting Fear Free veterinary practice with cat

Not all vets are created equal. Be part of a practice where your pet is treated as a member of the family, and you are considered a partner in your pet’s care.

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