4 May 2020

Doris’ Unlucky Horse Shoe

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Claire Smith, Vet

Doris is a three year old Cockapoo from Deal. Recently, Doris was rushed into see us when she had an unfortunate run-in with her owner’s horse. It was quickly diagnosed that Doris was suffering from a fractured leg. She had broken her tibia and fibula in her lower hindleg and was very painful. We worked quickly to stabilise her and reduced the effects of the shock that she was experiencing. Doris then stayed with us overnight to receive additional care and pain relief.

Doris the dog in our kennels
Doris when she arrived
Fractured dog leg
Xray showing the fracture

Once Doris was suitably stable we performed radiography to define the fracture further and check for other injuries. She then had orthopaedic surgery to repair the fracture to her tibia. This was done using a large plate and 6 titanium screws which you can see on the x-ray photos below. After the surgery Doris was able to return home to start her rehabilitation.

Xray showing plate and screws
Xray showing plate and screws

After her post-operative checkup we are delighted to report that Dorris is making a good recovery and is feeling much more herself again after a very painful injury. Her family are very pleased to have her back home again and she has been very comfortable.

Doris was the perfect patient and should make a full recovery. All of the team have been thrilled with her progress and are delighted to see her doing so well.

Doris ready to go home
Doris ready to go home

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