26 March 2023

Human Savvy

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Claire Smith, Vet

Beacon View is a very team-focused practice, they are the driving force behind everything we achieve together.

We have partnered with Liv from Human Savvy, and have been lucky to be working with her for some time now. Liv is not only a practicing vet but also has a degree in Applied Positive Psychology. She is deeply passionate about veterinary workplace wellbeing, emotional intelligence, psychological safety, quality improvement and helping veterinary team members thrive!

The leaders in our team have been fortunate to be able to work with Liv on a regular basis, but more recently this has expanded to include workshops with the whole team. On Tuesday we closed for the day to have a live workshop. Everyone had a great time and thanks to Liv for putting on such an engaging session for us!

Veterinary Workplace Wellbeing

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