22 October 2020

Should dogs eat fungi?

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Claire Smith, Vet

You may have seen a variety of fungi whilst out walking recently around Deal and Sandwich. During the autumn months most fungi produce their fruiting bodies. This part of their reproduction cycle develops spores which will then be quickly spread on the wind.

Mushrooms are quite high in protein and occasionally a dog may decide to pick up a little passing snack!

Should dogs eat mushrooms?

Sadly this doesn’t bode well with may species that we see locally around Deal, Kent. Toxicity wise it does depend on the species of mushroom and most are harmless. However some are highly toxic so its a good rule to avoid all pet fungi eating!

Symptoms of toxicity to look out for include:

  1. Vomiting or diarrhoea
  2. Neurological signs, these can include abnormal behaviour, rapid heart beat and seizures.
  3. Damage to the liver and kidneys, unfortunately we may not notice these signs until the poison has done its damage. Look out for lethargy, increased thirst or urination, and a loss of appetite.

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