Client Care Assistant

Annabel is deeply passionate about animals and the people who love them, recognising the profound bond between pets and their owners. Her career in client care within veterinary settings seamlessly combines her love for animals with her dedication to providing exceptional service to their human companions.

“It’s important to me to work for a small privately owned surgery. The care, the team and the environment are all so lovely here. We have time to give clients and furry friends the attention they deserve and to build true relationships.”

At home, Annabel’s life is enriched by a delightful array of animal companions. Cooper, the affectionate Labrador, Ollie the Tortoise, and Winnie, Babs, and Bunty, her trio of charming hens, bring constant joy and companionship. With over 20 years of experience in veterinary customer care, Annabel brings a calm, friendly, and conscientious approach to her work.

Beyond her professional life, Annabel enjoys exploring the scenic beauty of Kent with her beloved Cooper, who has an insatiable love for the beach. She also indulges in her passion for baking, crafting exquisite wedding and celebration cakes for friends and family, adding sweetness to life’s special moments.

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