Registered Veterinary Nurse

Claire has been a Registered Veterinary Nurse for longer than she’d like to announce and is a huge asset to our team. She dreamt of being a veterinary nurse from a young age and was surrounded by animals at her grandparent’s farm. She has worked at many different practice types during her career, most recently focusing on emergency and critical care. We are delighted to have Claire as part of our team as she is exceptionally skilled and always puts the patients and owners first.

Her respect and love of animals shines through any challenging situation and she always has the patient’s needs at the front of her mind. She loves nothing better than nursing our inpatients back to health, ensuring that they feel calm and comforted.

Her enthusiasm for veterinary nursing is so infectious that it led her daughter to become a veterinary nurse. Together they look after Alfie, a very excitable but loving Goldendoodle. Outside of work she can often be found running around the Littlebourne countryside and one of her greatest ambitions is to run the London Marathon, diligently entering the ballot every year.

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